You are entering our property at your own risk.

There is simply no way we can protect you and your family from every conceivable hazard lurking on our three acres. If you see something that is dangerous, let us know, but by entering our property, you agree to assume all risk involved in your activities. If you want more information on what kinds of hazards you may encounter, please ask us. We have included a partial list at the end of this page, but it is not comprehensive.

We now return you to the regular contents of this page...

What is a house concert, you ask?

A house concert is just what it would seem to be.......it's a concert at our house. It's in our backyard, actually. The musicians play on our deck under the big oak tree. You, the listener, stake out a spot on our lovely, spacious backyard, get comfortable, relax and enjoy the music. A house concert is a great way to see talented, renowned artists in a private, intimate setting.


What should I bring, you ask?

  • Cash dollars for a donation to the performers. Suggested donations will vary by artist, but will usually be in the $10 range. Kids under 18 are free. You can find the suggested donation amount for each artist when they are spotlighted on the home page. 100% of your donation goes to the artist.
  • Money for CDs or other merchandise the peformers will have for sale after the show.
  • Blankets or lawn chairs.
  • Food and beverage of your choice. Pack a picnic. Bring a pizza. Grab a bucket of KFC. Or, a personal favorite, a salad wrap from Baby Greens (South 1st and Oltorf....this place is AWESOME). Stock a cooler. Don't forget bottle openers or wine tools. Of course, please drink responsibly.
  • Friends, family and neighbors. Anyone you think will enjoy the show.


What's the catch, you ask?

We want everyone to have a great time at The Wyldwood. To ensure this, we've come up with these few House Rules:

  • The #1 Rule at The Wyldwood is to be respectful of the performing musicians, the people around you, and our property.
  • Well behaved kids (and adults) are always welcome at The Wyldwood, but please refer to Rule #1.
  • Sorry, no dogs.
  • Smoking is permitted, but please don't flick your butts about the yard. Please dispose of them in the receptacles provided.
  • Please pick up and dispose of any trash you might produce. There will be trash cans, as well as recycling bins, on the property. Lets keep it clean.
  • Play nice.


Who are you, you ask?

We are your hosts at The Wyldwood, Andrew and Amy Murphy. We live at 4205 Wyldwood Road in Deep South Austin...AKA The Wyldwood....AKA The Woodpecker Ranch.  We love and support all kinds of music, but have grown weary of the club scene. Hence, we're bringin' the music home.


How do I get there, you ask?

The Wyldwood is located at 4205 Wyldwood Road in Austin, Texas.



As promised, here is a partial list of potential hazards you may encounter while attending our house concert:

Low Light Conditions Uneven Walking Surfaces
Open Flame in Firepit Uneven Steps
Candles Loose Boards on the Deck
Stray Dogs Slippery Floors on the way to bathroom
Poisonous Snakes Lightning
Scorpions Stray Fireworks
Fire Ants, Wasps, Bees, etc. Scalding Water from the Food Warmer
Mosquitos Dangerous heights while in tree house
Dangerous Spiders Other people doing stupid things

Wild Animals - racoons, possums, etc.

Deer in the road
Loose Livestock Road hazards in parking lot
Rusty Barbed Wire Fences Kids playing with sticks and rocks
Low Tree Branches Pointy wires (for roasting marshmallows)
Poison Ivy, Nettle, Thorns Broken Glass
Pesticide (bug spray) Loud, Sudden Noises
Grass Fires 2nd Hand Smoke
and more... and more...